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“Utilize the most abundant source of energy, and make it subsidize your business. Call Bend Oregon Commercial Solar services today!”

Bend Oregon Commercial Solar

The longer you wait to think about solar, the more it costs your business. Commercial prices for solar have decreased 70% since 2009. However, recent policy decisions suggest we may be nearing the bottom of that downward trajectory. The federal investment tax credit (ITC) for solar has also decreased from 30% to 26% in 2022. Meantime, electricity prices continue to increase year over year, and are impossible to predict. So, the sooner you decide to go solar, the more you can save.

It may sound daunting to learn about all this information at once and jump into an energy reform, but Bend Oregon solar power is here to help you. We offer a wide range of solutions and services, to provide businesses with clean power tailored to suit the needs of your company and minimize your energy costs.
We will guide you through the steps to taking your business solar – which are simpler than you might imagine. Our expertise in project development, design, financing, construction, grid connection and operations means your solar project will not only meet your requirements – it will also be done right.

Our experienced team of professionals will manage the solar installation and maintenance costs during the contract period, ensuring that the panels are operating at optimal levels throughout. Solar installations can benefit building owners, commercial tenants, financiers, and of course the environment in a myriad of ways — increased operating income and cash flow, longer lease terms, and reduced operating costs. Even better, solar saves your business money that would otherwise be spent on utility bills. The bottom-line benefits are undeniable!

Moreover, choosing to go solar isn’t just a financial decision. It’s an environmental choice. Thus, businesses that cultivate a focus on sustainability are experiencing powerful brand effects. Study after study shows going solar isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for business helping you stay competitive as the corporate image and resale value of a commercial building or company increases substantially.

Offering affordable and quality renewable energy solutions, our company is the best choice for clean and green solutions to fight against climate change and improve your business cash flow. So, utilize the most abundant source of energy, and make it subsidize your business. Call us today!

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